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What Would my Advisor Do?

Welcome to What Would my Advisor Do! We over here in Public Health-land want to make sure that you, over there in student-land, have all the behind-the-scenes information to be as successful as you can be in your next 4 years at The University of Arizona!

We have created this website so you can get inside our heads and see what we would do/say in various situations you may find yourself in or with questions you may have. Can't find what you're looking for?! Don't hesitate to check out our calendars for walk-in hours. Don't know how to do that? You know we have a page for that! Happy Advising!

Stephanie Springer, Abba Kris Maria Versace, Maggie Ramirez, and Melanie Fleck.
Office of Student Services and Alumni Affairs (OSSAA) Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH)